Set of 4 glass pialas + teapot and hadmade teabord to choose from

Weight of 1 set - 5 kg
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Comfortable double-walled glass pialas complete with a teapot to choose from and a tea board to choose from. Everything you need for brewing and serving.
  • Material: Glass
  • The volume of the pialas: 100ml
  • Number of pialas in the set: 4 pieces
  • Number of teapots in the set: one to choose from
  • Number of Teabords in a set: one to choose from
  • Teapot to choose from: a spillover teapot with a button of 500ml, a tea flask of 250ml. or a teapot with a bamboo lid 1000ml
  • Teabord to choose from: metal or wooden
Choose the type of teapot when ordering and specify in the comments which Teabord you want to put in the set!
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