Travel BAG

Weight of 1 piece - 1.5 kg
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HIT SALES IN 2020. A branded bag that has everything (almost) that you might need on a trip. Choose any three bowls!
A soft-walled bag that will keep your bowls safe and sound.
It is equipped with everything necessary that a fan of fragrant smoke may need on a trip.
Optimal and non-straining size, comfortable weight.

The set includes:
  • 3 any GLINA bowls. 5 models to choose from available
  • 8 cans with tightly closed lids for the mixture
  • branded awl
  • branded spatula for scoring
  • a proprietary fork
  • mini scissors
  • heat control device
  • comfortable EMBERY tongs branded for GLINA
  • personal BURN mouthpiece
TRAVEL BAG is a great gift for your family, friends, colleagues, managers and partners.

Choose the bowls you want to put in your bag.
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